Das Keyboard Does Surface

With the rollout of Microsoft Surface today, we decided to see how easy the tablet is to use with a Das Keyboard. Super-easy. Check out the video below where Ryan jumps in feet first and navigates around to key areas like Apps and Microsoft Word.

Winners Announced for Das Keyboard Haiku Contest

We appreciate all the participation we got for our haiku clicky keyboard contest. We received many entries on our Facebook page and quickly saw the likes accumulate on your favorites. From the eligible entries submitted by the creative IU LAN Party attendees, here are the winners: 1st Place:  1 keyboard + t-shirt Trevan Haskell (72 votes) Minimalistic The bold dark keys [...]

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Das Keyboard Announces Sponsorship of IU LAN War XXIII

Das Keyboard is proud to sponsor Indiana University’s LAN War XXIII again this Saturday and Sunday, October 13th-14th. This year, attendance is expected to be larger than in any years past, so it will be located off-campus at the Monroe County Fairgrounds. If you’re in the area, make sure to reserve your spot at the IU Gaming LAN War Page.