The Future of Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality is the hot trend in tech at the moment. Everyone from Sony to Google have jumped into the VR market, and a handful of new products are expected to hit shelves within the year. With all of the hype, it’s undeniable that Virtual Reality is about to have a major impact on the way we game. So far, [...]

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How IR Tracking Can Change Your Gaming Experience

If you’re a fan of PC gaming, you might have heard of IR Tracking. This awesome technology is a way for you to use your body as a controller within the game. Though it’s been around for awhile, it is becoming more and more popular in the gaming community. So, here’s a brief overview of IR Tracking and how it can change your [...]

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The 10 Best VR Games You Can Play Right Now

Virtual reality weaseled its way into the gaming world and staged a coup de grace with all the precision of a special forces strike team. What once existed only on the Enterprise’ Holodeck is now in our homes (in some cases, attached to the walls. Looking at you, Vive.) The rapid advancement of virtual reality technology is allowing gamers to [...]

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HearthStone: The Simple Card Game That Rejuvenated WoW

If you haven’t personally played World of Warcraft, it’s a safe bet that you’ve at least heard of the series. WoW is one of the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games out there, and their creative team has now expanded the world into a new Collectible Card Game, HearthStone. If you love WoW, you’ll love HearthStone. From Blizzard Entertainment, [...]

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Total War: Warhammer – a fan preview

Strategy game geeks of the world rejoice! Creative Assembly’s latest Total War game, Total War: Warhammer is set to be released for PC on May 24th. Is this a gaming alliance to be reckoned with or a grudge to be born by the fan community? The Das Keyboard blog team investigates. Like previous Total War games, TWW allows players to lead [...]

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