5 Meta Hacks of the Week: 1/5/18

5 Meta Hacks of the Week

Last week, I shared an interesting look at human evolution via the 100m race at the Olympics. Did you go out to the track and see if you could have once been a gold medalist?

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1. Human evolution depicted with the 100m race
Check out the progress made by 100 meter sprinters over the years. You may very well be a gold medalist yourself going back 100 years with a time machine!

2. Webpage optimization tests
If you’re a web developer, here’s everything you always wanted to know about HTML page optimization, and more.

3. Doomsday clock
In the face of global terminal atomic war, how much time is left before the end of the world? Since 1947, the doomsday clock has been ticking.

4. Volta Computers
A beautiful gaming PC made of wood that’ll fit modern furniture. (Contributed by Will T.)

5. Mind control: “$ or Dollars: Effects of Menu-price Formats on Restaurant Checks”
This study delves into how formatting restaurant menu prices (numerical w/ dollar sign, numerical w/out a dollar sign, and written-out) effected consumer behavior. You might be surprised.