5 Meta Hacks of the Week: 8/3/18

5 Meta Hacks of the Week

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Daniel, Founder & CEO
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1. ShareX
ShareX is an open source screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool for Windows.

2. Time to purge your closet
One tip to streamline your closet is to turn your hangers around. If after 3 months, some clothes are on hangers that are still backwards, you should donate those. (Contributed by Will T.)

3. Acronym of the Week: F.O.B.O.
Fearing the new gizmo you just bought is outdone by a new one? There is a name for this: F.O.B.O: the Fear of Better Options.

4. Automatically switch Android Do Not Disturb mode during meetings
Here’s a little known Android feature: it can turn on and off Do Not Disturb mode when there is a meeting in your Google Calendar. To configure: Settings (top menu) > Do no disturb arrow down menu > more settings > Automatic rules > + Add more > Event rules > Type a name like “meetings DND” > tap “During events for ‘any calendar’ to pick the calendar you want or just leave it the way it is for all calendars. This way your Android phone will switch ON DND when a meeting starts and OFF at the end of it. No more intrusive calls or sound notifications!

5. Drive safely with Do Not Disturb while driving on iOS
Additionally, on the iOS side, here’s a tip to configure Do-Not-Disturb while driving. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Select “Activate” under “Do Not Disturb While Driving” > Then select “Automatically” or “When Connected to Car.” Now notifications are silenced, and your iPhone will auto-reply to text messages.