5 Meta Hacks of the Week: 9/28/18

5 Meta Hacks of the Week

Every week, I share my favorite gems I find around the Internet, but sometimes, they are submitted by 5 Meta Hacks of the Week fans like you. I really enjoy looking through everyone’s submissions every week, so I encourage you to keep them coming by submitting them here. If you think you would enjoy receiving 5 Meta Hacks every week, then subscribe here.


Daniel, Founder & CEO
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1. Active Theory
This website blows my mind. These are the folks who developed Google Chrome music experiment.

2. Watch a Tesla drive in Paris through the eyes of Autopilot
We’re closer to fully autonomous driving than most people think. (Contributed by Micah K.)

3. Why Google Fiber is high-speed Internet’s most successful failure
Just how successful has the Google Fiber project been? It really depends on what lens you look at it from. Take a look at this in depth look from Harvard Business Review.

4. Quote of the Day
“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday” – Anonymous

5. In a hurry? Try express weight training
Feel like you don’t have time to work out? A new study finds that you can build strength in just 13 minutes with a single, brief set of each exercise, if you work really hard. (Contributed by Will T.)