5 Ways to Give Thanks From Your Keyboard

Give thanks with your Das Keyboard
Give thanks with your keyboard this holiday season.

Research from the experts at Harvard Health Publications states that expressing gratitude relieves stress and increases productivity. But with a busy lifestyle made even more hectic as the holiday season approaches, how do you find time to give thanks and get stuff done?

 The Das Keyboard team compiled their top tips for giving thanks this season – all without leaving your keyboard. Check out the full list below, and tell us your ideas in the comments!

1.  Make a list.

There’s nothing that excites the Das Keyboard community more than typing up a to do list (except maybe completing items on said list). We recommend starting off the holiday season by simply making a list of everything you’re thankful for this year. What are you glad to

2.  Deliver a small gift.

From gifting coffee through Facebook to simply ordering a present on Amazon, picking out “thank you” gifts is one of the easiest things to do online. Even a $5 purchase can make someone’s day.

3.  Send a quick note.

Never underestimate the power of thought. Show someone you care by shooting them a quick email, text or tweet to say “thanks.” Make thanking people from your computer a weekly practice, and we’re sure it will add value to your life.

4.  Share on social media.

Plenty of people (we’re not naming names) use social media to complain or share bad news. How about tweeting out something you’re thankful for or even just a video or article that made you laugh? Share your thanks with the Das Keyboard team and hashtag #GiveThanks.

5.  Donate to a good cause.

Don’t have time to volunteer or drop off donations to the charity of your choice this year? Give online. Websites like JustGive.org make it easy to choose a cause and spend what you can to support what you care about.

What other ways do you give thanks with your keyboard? Share with us in the comments or tweet at us with hashtag #GiveThanks. Happy typing!