Ask our Customers: Which mouse on the market today would you pair with your Das Keyboard?

Hello Das Fans!

We’re looking to expand our offering and would like your input:

The question is: which mouse has the best user experience, is built to the highest quality, and would be a good companion for Das Keyboard?

Thanks for your help!


  1. I’m sure it’s been suggested several times already, but Logitech’s MX518, despite its age, remains the best mouse I’ve ever used.

  2. I highly recommend the Razer Mamba — an amazing pairing with the Das Keyboard. For right-handed users the Mamba provides an amazing ergonomic experience, excellent tactile response, 5800 dpi (!) and 1ms-polling operating in both wired and wireless modes. Nothing bad to say about it — I tested out a wide variety of high-end keyboards before deciding on Das Keyboard and a comparable array of mice before selecting the Razer Mamba. They’re perfect complements for one another — if there are better peripherals on the market in either category I’d love to hear about them.

  3. I use the Logitech VX Nano mouse. With the smallest usb receiver on the market, it doesn’t distract from the beauty of das Keyboard.

    The mouse itself is built well and has a good feel. For some reason, when looking at it from its side, I think BMW.

    Looks aside, the mouse performs very well. It also has 2 scroll modes — hyper (smooth) and precise (clicky). And battery life (2 aaa) lasts about 6 months.

    Color, build, fit and finish… the two were made for each other! But I don’t think Logitech will rename it to das Mouse. 🙂

  4. I am a fan of big, asymmetrical mice that support the whole palm. I am now using a MS wireless laser mouse 6000 v2 and I am quite satisfied, but it’s still too small and it has that silly non-clicking mouse wheel. The best mouse I’ve ever touched, though, was an old PS2 IBM behemoth, still living somewhat as the Lenovo ScrollPoint Pro Mouse ( I say forget the dpi and the extra buttons, ergonomics must be the focus!!!

  5. The best mouse ever made was the Microsoft Explorer 3.0 (the original – not the rerelease). It’s simply the most satisfying to use. However, I’d upgrade it to use a laser sensor.

  6. I prefer Logitech mice also, especially the robust ones with great design (usability aware).

    There are many details that make a mouse great that most people miss, such as the correct amount of weight and many other factors…

    Another thing that you should be conscious about is the durability of the microswitches because these switches wear first. It’s mandatory to use extremely durable switches and provide replacements so people can repair their mouse easily (with some soldering skills) or hand them to their competent friends to fix it.

    Oh, and did I mention that laser is a must? I wanna use my mice on any surface.

    I personally don’t like wireless because charging batteries is a pain and the wire is really not disturbing to me if placed correctly.

    That was my 2 cents.

  7. I seriously enjoyed the Logitech MX1000 (I happen to like heavy mice) – since they are not produced anymore and the buttons in mine started to malfunction (unfortunately a common malfunction with logitech mice) I replaced it by a Raptor-Gaming M3 Platinum (this time not wireless since it always interfered with wireless lan). Not everyone might want a – what is considered – “gaming”-mouse. But I must say – today – I would never get another Logitech mouse again 🙂

  8. Thank you everyone for your comments! Our idea right now is to offer an existing, high quality, mouse that compliments Das Keyboard well without re-branding it. This will allow us to offer our customers something right away. In time, perhaps we’ll design a brand new mouse from scratch (with our community’s help, of course!), but that will take time. Please share this post with your friends or twitter followers if you think it would interest them, we’d love to hear from as many people as possible!

  9. Well… it would be nice to have Das Keyboard without the number pad. So, I don’t have to stretch to use my mouse when I have to.

    Actually, it would be great if you could replace the number pad with an integrated touch pad. That would be perfect.

    Thanks for the Das Keyboard!

  10. The Evoluent Vertical Mouse.

  11. I also prefer the Logitech MX518 mentioned above (I also use a MX510 with another computer which is a great mouse, too).

  12. Love the keyboard..@work using IBM M type. Yes, I keep like 4 of them for backup.@HOME? Oh yes, my baby DAS.

    Let me quote my 16yr old niece “Wow uncle this is the best keyboard ever.I like the way it feels and looks”.

  13. Kensington Expert Mouse. A big cue ball of a track ball. Always in the same place.

  14. I just took a standard $6 Microsoft optical mouse and butchered the cord so its about 10″ long. It’s amazingly clean looking.

  15. I use a 5 year old Razer Copperhead. I’ve worn nearly all the paint off the plastic, but it still works like a charm. I really appreciate its accuracy, the side buttons, and on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment in both computer games and my sporadic graphic design work in Photoshop.

  16. I like the Original Logic Tech G5.. still have the orange and black one… ^_^

  17. I am really sold on the Logitech VX Revolution. Nice feel. Not too many buttons, but enough to make life comfortable. Great scrolling with the ability to switch between free-wheeling and click by click.

    Although, I do have to say that the Logitech G5 is not too far behind the VX Rev. Work gets the VX Rev., play gets the G5.

  18. I also still use the G5 at home. Orange and black. I love the weights, and the texture.

    I have my DAS keyboard for home, and multiple IBM model M’s for work. I would love to get a DAS keyboard for work, but I’m afraid it would get stolen.

  19. I am using the Logitech G9x and would highly recommend it paired with the Das as it matches the Das in both quality and aesthetics.

  20. it’s pretty old now, a little shiny but my g300 from logitech is looking sweet next to my keyboard, set the led’s to red and man it suits it so perfect

  21. What I appreciate about daskeyboard is that it’s sleek but not flashy, and functional without adding elements that may not be used. It CAN be used for gaming, but thankfully abstains from aggressive branding, LED lights, and radically unnecessary design choices that I wouldn’t want sitting on my desk. I’d love a mouse, and complimenting mouse surface that incorporate these elements to have a complete das interface.

    That said, I’m a fingertip mouse user, so a lightweight, not palm-shaped mouse is a necessity. I currently use the Steelseries Sensei RAW.

  22. The best mice for gaming – wireless ones .

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