Call for Ideas

Hello Das Keyboard fans! We got such a great response when we asked about which mouse goes best with Das Keyboard that we wanted to ask another question to give you a chance to affect what we discuss here. The question is this: What ideas do you have for topics or articles that would compliment Das Keyboard? As an example, [...]

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Review: Das Keyboard Professional

I came across a great review of Das Keyboard Professional by Jack Baty at Fusionary that I wanted to share. It’s a very simple, to-the-point explanation of what a real person who types for many hours a day thinks of their new Das. Many thanks to Jack! Click here to read the full review What are your thoughts on this [...]

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Das Keyboard in Sweden!

Many thanks to Mikael in Gothenburg, Sweden for the pictures below! Do you have any fun pictures with your Das Keyboard? Send them to me and I’ll put them up!

Das Earplugs!

That’s right! Starting today, we’re offering earplugs that are intended for you to give to those around you as a peace offering so you can continue to work on your Das Keyboard and your co-workers or significant other can have some peace and quiet. Click here to read the full press release (I highly recommend it, it’s not your regular [...]

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