As -not- easy as ABC

Anyone who tried to type on an alphabetical keyboard knows that it is pretty much impossible to type fast. Each letter needs to be processed by the brain to find out its approximative position, very much like learning on QWERTY or Dvorak. Therefore there is no gain in learning to type using an alphabetical keyboard. It’s more like the opposite: [...]

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Important message about potential character inversions

Hello everyone!  I am Daniel the creator of Das Keyboard. We are a US company located in Austin Texas and we love the passion of our users. We have been looking into the character inversion phenomenon that occurs in some cases. As Devin Coldewey from CrunchGear says describing a Das Keyboard user experience: “when keys are pressed in rapid succession on his Das Keyboard, [...]

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Keyboard for blondes: ambiance included

This keyboard has been approved by the American Blondes Association of America. Nothing less Madame. In some cases, tactile feedback and productivity is not important, the user experience comes from color, key labels and flower pots. This is called ambiance. If you are blonde you want this keyboard.

Meet Das Keyboard team for breakfast @ SXSW

Taking place during this year’s South by Southwest is the first Das Keyboard Meet-n-Greet Breakfast. Here, we invite you to mingle with, and get to know the creators of Das Keyboard, as well as other Das Keyboard aficionados, will be at your disposal to answer your questions and listen to what you have to say about Das Keyboard, along with [...]

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