Why Your Console Friends Are Wrong About PC Gaming

The debate’s been going for ages. When you got into gaming, you undoubtedly heard the arguments over PC gaming versus console gaming. People seem to take one side of this argument, and each side thinks they have the best reasons to game the way they do. While these gamers all have some legitimate points, many console gamers are mistaken about [...]

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Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming?

Oh, boy. This question, huh? Lots of people want to know the answer to this; unfortunately, it’s usually more complicated than they expected. But don’t worry! Once you’re given some more information on mechanical keyboards, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether or not you’ll benefit from using one during your gaming.   Understanding Mechanical Keyboard Key [...]

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eSports: It’s Not “Just a Game” Anymore

All you eSports fans out there can rejoice, because it looks like the world’s starting to see gaming through your eyes. In the past, eSports has been seen as a “fake” version of sports, and the professional players who pursue it as illegitimate, and possibly even a little crazy. (No, seriously. Go talk to someone on the street and explain [...]

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