How Gaming Makes You Smarter

In our deepest of hearts, we gamers have always known that video games can’t be as bad as society’s made them out to be. And now we have scientific proof to back us up. Several studies in the last few years have shown that the benefits of video games have a greater positive impact on the development of the mind [...]

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3 Ways to Fit More Gaming Into Your Day

At Das Keyboard, we’re always searching for ways to fit more into our life. From designing gear for overachievers to producing accessories for computer gaming enthusiasts, we’re obsessed with getting more done and having more fun. So today we’ve compiled a list of five ways to fit more gaming into your busy day: 1.  Be more productive. The fact is, [...]

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Introducing the Das Keyboard Gaming Sling

Designed for gamers on the go, the Das Keyboard Gaming Sling protects gamers’ gear like no other bag does. It is super durable, designed for high utility and clean style. It has dedicated compartments for a keyboard, mouse and headset plus additional pockets for accessories, flash drives, cables and other props needed to destroy competition. Learn more about the Gaming [...]

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