Das Keyboard Does Surface

With the rollout of Microsoft Surface today, we decided to see how easy the tablet is to use with a Das Keyboard. Super-easy. Check out the video below where Ryan jumps in feet first and navigates around to key areas like Apps and Microsoft Word.

Why a Keyboard and Mouse Provide a Better Gaming Experience

There is a great divide amongst gamers when it comes to console vs. PC gaming.  After much research and personal experience, we want to highlight how many games are better experienced with a keyboard and mouse than with a controller. While racing and fighting games are definitely easier to play with a controller, in general, first person shooters, role-playing games, [...]

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Das Keyboard’s SXSW Survival Guide

SXSW is only a few weeks away and we at Das Keyboard are excited about once again participating in the Interactive Festival. For folks coming to town, it can be a bit overwhelming adjusting to the fast pace of SXSW in addition to finding your way around town. To help out, we’ve created a SXSW Survival Guide so you’ll know [...]

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Fix That Squeaky Key on Your Mechanical Keyboard

Squeaky keys are a common occurrence in keyboards, most often on the larger keys. This is often due to the stabilizer bar beneath the key cap needing to be lubricated. There are a variety of lubricant options and most work fine, but we recommend you avoid WD-40 and silicon sprays as they contain petroleum-based solvents that are known to damage plastic. [...]

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