Save on petting time with the fur keyboard

Keyboards occupy a lot of space in our life. Do you realize this is probably the object you touch the most? The only other objects that require so much touching time are pets, smart phones and BlackBerries. We cannot easily say goodbye to our communication tools, but we can give away our cat and still enjoy the softness of its [...]

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Please call the helpdesk

IT support at its best… How do you know your tech staff is not acting like this? With Mojo Helpdesk, each ticket is rated by your customers, so you know if your tech staff is doing a good job or not!.

Handy gadget for Das Keyboard users

The world typing speed record is 212 wpm (words per minute). A fast hunt-and-peck typist will be at 25 wpm, a slow touch-typist at 50 wpm. Most Das Keyboard users are above 50 wpm. How fast can you type? Check your speed and monitor your touch-typing daily work out with this USB speedometer.

Be dense: Edward Tufte about the iPhone interface

“Pack it to the max” would be a good summary of the iPhone efficient interface. But it could be better according to Edward Tufte. Watch the iPhone interface explained in this video. “The iPhone platform elegantly solves the design problem of small screens by greatly intensifying the information resolution of each displayed page. Small screens, as on traditional cell phones, [...]

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