Keyboard Talk: Das Keyboard v.s. Apple Keyboard

Apple keyboards are really great looking. They have little chicklets keys going for them. They look great on your desk. But do they get the job done?  Check out what keyboard sunstreaker84 would choose if he was trapped in a post-apocalyptic world and had to survive using his wits and computing skills alone.

A Das on your Desk

What does the top of your desk look like? Many thanks to @Zanneth for sending this picture of his Das Keyboard Ultimate on his desk! [updated October 9, 2009] Many thanks to those who sent in a photo of their Das Keyboard on their desk! Here’s Alex’s desk: And here’s Spike’s desk: (and props to Spike for showing us what [...]

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Boost Productivity By Using Keyboard Shortcuts

The two operating modes of your keyboard Your keyboard, as an input device, has two main functions called modes: one is the text entry mode to allow operators to input text in a document. The other is a command mode used to instruct the software or operating system to do things a certain way, e.g., alt-tab to cycle through open [...]

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Useful Information: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Surprise, surprise, customers of Das Keyboard spend a lot of time typing! I thought it would be helpful to share some information about symptoms of Carpal Tunnel to help our customers and readers to know what to look for to hopefully avoid an problems. Now, we make no medical claims about the benefits of using Das Keyboard, but we’ve heard [...]

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