Cord Cutting: Comparing Cable, Satellite, and Streaming

An Introduction to Cord Cutting Are you sick of commercials on cable and satellite TV? Do skyrocketing prices and confusing fee structures get under your skin? Canceling your expensive contract and moving to internet services, or cutting the cord, could be an awesome way to reduce your stress. It’s easier than ever to move your entertainment online. Internet based streaming, [...]

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Updated Guide: How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

High quality mechanical keyboards can last for decades, and Das Keyboard products are no exception. There is one catch: dust and grime will overtake a keyboard long before its switches or electronics begin to fail. Cleaning, the most important keyboard maintenance task, will keep contaminants in check. Spills are another matter entirely, so they’ll get their own section. The keycaps above [...]

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9 Ways the New Das Keyboard 5Q will Change your Life

The Das Keyboard 5Q is the first cloud-connected, open API  RGB mechanical keyboard. You can program specific keys on the keyboard to light up to help you with any of the following things: 1. Checking Emails 2. Monitoring the weather 3. Tracking packages 4. Knowing that your computer has finished backing up with Carbonite in case it spontaneously bursts into flames [...]

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