Das Keyboard: Gear for Overachievers

Das Keyboard is known as a creator and innovator in the keyboard market. Our recent releases set a new high water mark in those efforts. The Das Keyboard 5Q, 4 Professional, and Prime 13 embody our team’s rigorous quest for professional perfection.

Describing and defining our product line is challenging because it offers value to so many people in every industry. In the past, we chose to speak about what our products could do for our customers. Announcements, website descriptions, and sales literature focused on the what. Premium metal cases, Cherry switches, and thoughtful features were pushed. That approach was extremely effective, but it missed the point.

Das Keyboard cares about the people who use our designs. We needed to refocus our efforts. To do so, we asked a one word question. “Who?”

Certain people buy our keyboards, and all of them have a few things in common. They want to improve. They want to excel. They want to be victorious. One doesn’t buy a world class mechanical keyboard to waste time. Quality tools are used for excellent work. Once we figured that out, we knew the essence of our user base: they all go above and beyond to achieve. In light of that revelation, Das Keyboard is updating one of its core values.

We want to produce one thing, and one thing above all:

“Gear for Overachievers”

Das Keyboard’s staff is brimming with overachievers who know what customers need to succeed. Our company is a premier brand in the professional mechanical keyboard market for precisely that reason. We believe that, in the future, Das Keyboard will bring even better products to the table.

Exploring some current models, whether they are near release or on the shelves, seems like a great way to underscore our new ideal.

Das Keyboard 5Q

Meet our flagship product for overachievers. Traditional keyboards are mere input devices, though there’s nothing wrong with their basic functionality. The Das Keyboard 5Q expands that functionality, creating a new tool with significantly more potential.

RGB lighting and cloud connectivity turn the 5Q into an interactive display. Each key is a notification icon waiting for an assignment. New emails, social media activity, and other important data streams will be at your fingertips. The lights won’t even require direct attention, as peripheral vision will pick up changes on the fly. The applications and resulting productivity increases are practically limitless, particularly when the internet of things is added to the equation.

Gamma Zulu switches support the new concept. Light pipes direct RGB output to the right places, preventing leakage and increasing luminosity. Extreme durability will keep the switches going for decades. Finally, a customized force curve provides an unparalleled typing experience.

In short, the Das Keyboard 5Q is a straight upgrade from regular mechanical keyboards. It is uncompromising in all aspects, making it a perfect tool for people who want to go above and beyond.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional was designed with focus in mind. No backlighting-based distractions will intrude on your work. Its beautiful, minimal aesthetic will not pull your eyes away from the monitor. That makes it ideal for writers, graphic designers, programmers, and other task-oriented people who don’t need a constant data stream.

That doesn’t mean it lacks features, though. Cherry MX switches convey an excellent typing experience. A machined volume knob and dedicated media keys give additional control over music, which is often a part of the creative process. The integrated SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hub completes its utility. You’ll never need to hunt for a spare port again.

If you are dedicated to a single computerized task, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional should be at the top of your list. It is the tool for laser-focused achievement.

Das Keyboard Prime 13

Some professionals work in poorly lit spaces. Video, theater, and concert production staff are a few examples, but there are countless others. Computer users in dark rooms require one feature above all: backlighting. Most backlit keyboards have a “gaming” aesthetic that doesn’t belong in an office or production environment. They also offer a variety of backlight colors that have no discernible purpose.

The Das Keyboard Prime 13 breaks that trend, offering backlighting in a tastefully understated package. Cherry switches, which are known for excellent quality control and superior press-feel, are its basis. An adjustable white backlight ensures visibility in all conditions. Finally, a USB passthrough keeps one connection with reach. It isn’t fun to hunt for ports in the dark.

If your job keeps you in the dark, the Das Keyboard Prime 13 will light up new opportunities. Its unique appearance and raw functionality will help you blow past personal and professional goals. If you bring it to LAN parties, it might even make some gamers jealous.

Das Keyboard’s concept is visible in previous products, but it will be even more evident in the future. We can’t wait to create more keyboards for overachievers in every professional environment.

Feel free to leave questions, comments, and concerns with us on this page or social media. If you think that we could improve our keyboards, we would be happy to have your input. Feedback is vital, especially when it leads to a better user experience.

Enjoy your keyboards!