Das Keyboard II – 105 keys for accent users

Good news for our non-US users: Das Keyboard II, the ultimate typing machine that sports mechanical key switches is now available with a 105-key layout. So if you are writting in non-US English like Spanish, Danish, Germany or even French, you now can feel right at home.


  1. Please make an ergonomic version with cherry switches. That would be my dream keyboard.

  2. Small hint: Germany is the country, German is the language 😉

  3. Is there any way to purchase the ISO/105 key version in the US? Or a future JIS/108 key version perhaps?

  4. I agree. An ergonomic version of the as Keyboard would be just what I’ve been wating for to replace my M$ ergo keyboard.

  5. Is it possible to buy daskeyboard in a splitkey version?


  6. very expensive…
    i buy a normal keyboard and i paint the letters :p

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