Das Keyboard Starcraft II Open Results

Thanks to everyone that participated in the first ever Das Keyboard Starcraft II Open hosted by the Indiana University Gaming Club! On March 4th, the event featured over 250 of the top players in North America and the matches truly reflected that sentiment of high level competition. Players duked it out against other players around the continent in a 1v1 elimination tournament. Congratulations to 3rd Place InflowYen (Terran), 2nd Place vileHasHe (Terran), and the champion ROOTdDoRo (Protoss). They will be receiving Das Keyboards as prizes for their accomplishments.

Along with the tournament winners, 2 random lucky viewers won Das Keyboards as well. We hope everyone enjoyed the live stream of the event. Both Das Keyboard and Indiana University Gaming would love to host events like this in the future. Remember, if you were unable to watch the stream live, you can still find the recordings at www.justin.tv/iugaming.


  1. Great tournament. Congratulations to the winners, they deserved it!

  2. Root Gaming taking this out is no surprise. Their team is really shaking up the starcraft 2 scene at the moment.

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