How to Own Your Office Space, Like a Boss

For some, where you work is where you call home. That place that you sleep at night is a little mini vacation until you have to be back at home in the morning. Of course, with you spending that much time at work, you have to make your mark and show everyone how BadAss you really are. Here are a few quick tips to help you rock your work space.


Step 1: The Monitor Wall

For starters, investing in a good monitor wall is always a good option. Let’s face it, when you get busy there are probably 20 different tabs open at the same time. Half of them are only open because you “plan” to go back and read that article, but somehow throughout the day you forget that the article is even there. You leave work for the day, those same 20 tabs still open, without a second thought to any tab past your email.

This is where the monitor wall comes in handy. Depending on how big you decide to make your wall, your multitasking skills can go from 0 to 80mph in no time. Put those read later articles on one, have another for email, the next one could be for Google (don’t act like you don’t already Google everything), of course you will need one that has your work on it, then one for Facebook and Twitter (how else will you know what Das Keyboard is doing), and the last one could be just your desktop, that way you don’t have to minimize anything.

Genius right.


Step 2: The Old School Notebook

This is a must, how else are you going to organize all those important request you get. One day your email inbox is at 10 then the next it’s at a bazillion. That becomes impossible to handle and manage. The notebook becomes your go to for your to do. Plus, putting that line through a task is one of the single best feeling ever. Especially if you add in the verbal “Done” or “Complete” as you mark it off.


Step 3: The Mousepad

This is all you. It let’s everyone else in the office know who you are and what you like. It needs to make a statement. Not just any kind of statement, but one that tells everyone “Yeah, I’m awesome.” Your mouse pad needs to radiate your coolness, to the point that people always take notice of it.

One of our personal favorite mouse pads. (found here)

Cafe Press
Cafe Press


Step 4: The Das Keyboard

Whether it is the Ultimate or the Professional, no BadAss desk space is complete without a Das Keyboard. This is the final touch, the cherry on top, the moment when you score the winning run. You will become the envy of the office. You might even want to put your Das Keyboard under lockdown when you’re away, because as soon as you walk away someone is going to come up and start typing on it. Then your keyboard will have their non BadAssness all over it, not cool dude, not cool. (Just in case this does happen, we have a great guide to help you clean your keyboard here) Protect your keyboard with your life, it would do the same for you if it could.


Now that you have these tips, get started. Look at your desk and own it. When you are done your coworkers will be walking away thinking, “Man, I wish I was that awesome.”


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