Introducing the DAS

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Das Keyboard family: The DAS. He’s still so new that we don’t know exactly what he looks like, and we’d like your help to figure that out!

The DAS will be the face of the Das Keyboard company as well as all products, both current and future.  He’ll lead the crusade for finding comfort, fun, and excitement in everyday life through technology. Of course, his favorite keyboard is Das Keyboard! (and as we offer new high quality products that meet his standards, he’ll love those too.)

We know a lot about his personality, and we have a general idea for what he looks like, but we need your help on the details. For this post, I’m going to focus on his profile. Take a look at who the DAS is below and let us know your thoughts.

Here are the basics about the DAS:

    • The DAS represents the whole company and the concepts that drive our high-quality, sleek products
    • He’s not a mascot, a cartoon, or a guy in a robot suit
    • The DAS is kool
    • He’s an übergeek and proud of it
    • He loves technology that works and fits with life rather than takes over life
      • He loves ergonomics, green tech, simplicity, devices to make life better, and of course, computer components (like keyboards and mice) that make using a computer more fun and pleasurable
      • He doesn’t like sterile environments, overly complicated devices, wasteful/inefficient tech, or clunky components that make PCs harder to use
    • He’s very active and enjoys visiting new places, meeting new people, and playing extreme sports like kayaking, surfing, skydiving, and ultimate Frisbee.
    • He’s always ready to have fun, make new friends, and help others to improve their lives
    • The DAS’s “calling” in life is to educate others on how to enjoy their time and be more productive with their computers through education, ergonomics, using quality technology, and having fun
    • The DAS is open, honest, respectful, and always willing to help others
    • He comes from Germany and lives in the US now. He spends most of his time in either the US or Germany

So what do you think? Based on his profile, could the DAS be your friend? Anything missing? Something too much or superfluous? I can’t promise that every single suggestion will make it into the final, but I’ll read them all! If you see something you like in a comment below, let me know that too!

After you’ve shared about the DAS’s personality, check out the next post to let us know your thoughts on his looks!

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