SourceForge CEO Gets Enthusiastic Typing On Das Keyboard

Scott Kauffman, CEO of SourceForge Inc. (the company behind Slashdot, SF, ThinkGeek and Freshmeat with the Nasdaq ticker LNUX) stopped by Metadot / Das Keyboard during his trip to Texas last week. We spent some time playing with the Das Keyboard and enumerated all the advantages of having an old-style IBM Model M tactile keyboard with mechanical key switches. I [...]

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Review: Das Keyboard Professional

I came across a great review of Das Keyboard Professional by Jack Baty at Fusionary that I wanted to share. It’s a very simple, to-the-point explanation of what a real person who types for many hours a day thinks of their new Das. Many thanks to Jack! Click here to read the full review What are your thoughts on this [...]

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Das Earplugs!

That’s right! Starting today, we’re offering earplugs that are intended for you to give to those around you as a peace offering so you can continue to work on your Das Keyboard and your co-workers or significant other can have some peace and quiet. Click here to read the full press release (I highly recommend it, it’s not your regular [...]

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