Das Earplugs!

That’s right! Starting today, we’re offering earplugs that are intended for you to give to those around you as a peace offering so you can continue to work on your Das Keyboard and your co-workers or significant other can have some peace and quiet. Click here to read the full press release (I highly recommend it, it’s not your regular [...]

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Video: Das Keyboard Clicking Sound

Many thanks to yatpaysarchives on Youtube for his review; he compares 2 other keyboard to the Das; of course the Das Keyboard is louder, but better! If you have a review video for Das Keyboard, post the link below in the comments!

Does the Das Keyboard Really Increase Your Typing Speed?

I came across the following article by Shaan Kirpalani as I was working my way through the internet. It was posted a while ago, but it still rings true. If you don’t have time to read it now, the short answer is: yes. http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/das-keyboard-ultimate-doubles-typing-speed-20081022/ “After hearing about the Das Keyboard Ultimate, I found myself both impressed and slightly annoyed by [...]

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