Pre-announcing Das Keyboard III

We are glad to pre-announce the all new Das Keyboard III. It is a entire new design, slick and shiny. The Das Keyboard III sports mechanical key switches, a USB hub, and blue LEDs and n-key rollover. The tactile feel of Das Keyboard III is just incredible. It is not available for sale at this point and we hope it will be in few weeks. We’ll be show some pictures shortly so stay tuned.


  1. You’ve got a customer waiting in the wings for the new keyboard. I miss mechanical keyboards and I’ve finally decided (after 25 years) it’s time to take the training wheels off.

  2. yeah… I saw the pics of it. You have another sale on your side.. Things perfect.

  3. It’s gonna be so cool! I so badly want one. 😀

  4. Andy, you could wait an indefinite amount of time and spend lots of money on one of these mechanical keyboards, or you could go spend 2 dollars for a used one at Goodwill. Your choice.

  5. I’d rather prefer to be actually able to buy a normal Das. And no attachments for me, thank you.

  6. I went to purchase another DAS keyboard only to find out your sold out. I suppose it will be worth the wait for the DAS III, but I’m not sure. I work in the field and carry it with me everywhere. It’s been subjected to “hell” literally and still works. I need two more and a replacement for this one. It was amazing how quick I learn my way around a keyboard again when I had to.

    There are no keyboards at Goodwill that come close this keyboard.

  7. But… my Das Keyboard original model has nothing wrong with it.. granted the mechanical switches would be nice…

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: Why do you keep coming out with new, more expensive versions and not continue to sell the old version? I really wanted a Das Keyboard II to replace my original model when/if it ever dies, but the Das Keyboard III doesn’t sound like much of an upgrade, but it’s very expensive.

  8. i just pre-ordered one, i got the pro i used to have an old IBM without text on and after 10 years it’s time to get a new keyboard with text so it can get rubbed off again 😛 in another 10 years.

  9. I pre-ordered one yesterday, can’t wait to get it–they will be released July 14, less than a week away! If you pre-order, they are $99 w/free shipping.

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