Reassembling Das Keyboard: Tricky Key Cap Angle of Curvature


Andreas went through some “oops!” while reassembling his Ultimate keyboard after cleaning. He realized all keys are not the same shape – not talking about the space bar and return key here – but letters and numbers. Even though they have the same size, they don’t have the same angle of curvature. The angle of curvature makes fingers hit keys at the optimum angle of attack, limiting the impact pressure can have on the highly sensitive finger extremity. Fingers are fragile as some heavy Blackberry users know (Wired article: The Agony of ‘BlackBerry Thumb‘). That being said, Andreas shared his experience putting it all back together on his blog:


  1. I read on stack overflow that according to Das Keyboard tech support, all of the keys are the same shape. Then when I got my Das Keyboard Professional Silent, I ripped them all out to rearrange them for dvorak mode and … surprise! Now I’m sick of typing on dvorak and looking at my keyboard and seeing qwerty. I know I can get stickers but… I just wish there was some way to order customized dvorak key caps for the das.

  2. I am so sorry you were misinformed on another website. However, I looked and those posts were from 2009 and in reference to an earlier model of the keyboard, which is different from the new versions. I highly recommend anyone with questions call or email our support team first because, as you can see from this post, we are aware the keys are different and we would’ve gladly given you the correct information.

  3. I just ordered a Das Keyboard Ultimate which has blank keys.

    That solves two problems at once: wrong key labels and looking at the keyboard in the first place.

    I use QWERTY USA International and Programmer Dvorak.

  4. Awesome!!! But you forgot one problem it can solve: keeping people off your computer. It’s funny to watch someone walk up to a computer and do a double-take at the keyboard before slowly walking away. 🙂

    Enjoy your Ultimate! Although how you switch between QWERTY and Dvorak is a mystery to me–and yet mighty impressive.

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