Showing the Love to Mac and Linux Users

Hello Das Keyboard Fans!

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from our friends who use Macs or Linux about getting their Das Keyboard to match their specific needs.  I’m therefore quite happy to annouce the new Mac/Linux replacement keys that are now available for your Das Keyboard! You can read the official press release here on this blog or in the news if you’d like, but the simple truth of the matter is you no longer need to deal with the “incompatible” windows-specific keys on your Das Keyboard!

See the new Mac/Linux replacement keycaps for your Das Keyboard!

The set comes with all the keys you see here (2 Mac command keys, 2 Mac alt/option keys, and 2 Linux keys), plus a keycap puller to easily get the old keys off. And just to be clear, these replacement keys will only work with the Das Keyboard Professional and Das Keyboard Ultimate.

Once you get your keys replaced, send me a photo of your Das Keyboard with the new Mac or Linux keys, along with yourself showing the [G Rated] Love for your Das Keyboard and I’ll post them here on the blog!

If you want to get the keys right now, they’re in the online store and waiting just for you!

So let me know what you think about this small addition to Das Family and stay tuned for some fun things coming around the corner!