The debate’s been going for ages.

When you got into gaming, you undoubtedly heard the arguments over PC gaming versus console gaming. People seem to take one side of this argument, and each side thinks they have the best reasons to game the way they do.

While these gamers all have some legitimate points, many console gamers are mistaken about three aspects of PC gaming.

These aspects include price, popularity, and practicality (call them the 3 P’s, if you like). Console gamers don’t understand how PC gaming can be better in these three areas. While “better” is matter of personal use and preference, the truth is that in many ways, PC gaming can match the value of consoles more often than their supporters realize.



First of all, you need to consider all the prices involved with a gaming PC versus a console.

Most consumers would look at a $2000 gaming PC and immediately assume that a $400 console is a better deal. While that’s true, you also don’t need to buy a $2000 PC; many times, you can get a decent gaming computer for around $600, which is only $200 more than a console.

While that seems more expensive, understand the price of games for consoles come out at $60. If a console gamer wants to buy these on a regular basis, that $200 difference between gaming platforms quickly closes, and not in the favor of the console owner.

Additionally, though PC games can also be bought new for large sums, companies such as Steam have made the purchase of digital games far cheaper and more convenient for PC owners. Console gamers have yet to find such deals like this.



So this one’s just a lame reason, but it’s still there.

Some console gamers like to claim more people play games on consoles than they do on PC. However, this is only true depending on the types of games you play.

Are you into things like Halo or Call of Duty? Then sure, more people like to play those on consoles. But when you talk about the success of games like League of Legends, it’s obvious there are PC gamers who can find plenty of popular games for their platform.

There’s also recent report that show that the PC market is growing, and is now at 51% of the market, with consoles only at 30%.



Consoles are definitely built for gaming and entertainment experiences, but not everyone wants just these features.

Many PC gamers choose this platform because it’s more practical for their everyday lives. Some might want to game in the privacy of their own room instead of using a console plugged into the family TV; still others use their computer for more than gaming, so it becomes in all-in-one machine.

Again, console gamers don’t always understand this, so they assume PCs aren’t as practical, when sometimes they can be more practical depending on the user’s needs.


When your console friends start bad-mouthing PC gaming, you can let them know many of their assumptions about PC gaming aren’t correct.

Of course, you’ll still probably both stick to your preferred platforms, but the point is that for many people, PC gaming is as legitimate as console gaming and simply makes more sense for their lifestyles.

Did you ever have this argument with a friend? How did it end? Share your story in the comments.