Winners Announced for Das Keyboard Haiku Contest

We appreciate all the participation we got for our haiku clicky keyboard contest. We received many entries on our Facebook page and quickly saw the likes accumulate on your favorites. From the eligible entries submitted by the creative IU LAN Party attendees, here are the winners:

1st Place:  1 keyboard + t-shirt
Trevan Haskell (72 votes)
The bold dark keys are pressed down
A rhythmical “Click”

2nd Place:  t-shirt + bag of goodies
Nicolette Apraez (25 votes)
The sound of success:
A Clicky-Clack I can’t hear,
Because I’m too poor..

3rd Place:  t-shirt
Brandon Kean (19 votes)
One Hundred and Four
Soft strokes under fingertips
Feels like perfection

Congrats to the winners and be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook to receive updates on upcoming contests.