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What Are We About?

We bring the Typing Experience to the next Level

We are a badass Company that makes badass products for badass customers: We Make Stunning Products which stand for No-compromise and overachievers. We are quality obsessed and we develop all our products with:

Premium Materials: Quality starts with our product components

  • Gold-plated key switches
  • N-key rollover on all keyboards
  • Aluminum construction details
  • Extra long USB cable

Durable Construction: Built to last, for even the heaviest of typists and gamers

  • Customers have said that our products are, “so tough, they could be used as a weapon of choice against zombies- to not only defend yourself but also to write about the experience afterwards”

Superior Experience: We know every detail matters

  • Every element of each product is taken into consideration - we’ve held full staff meetings to test the precise feel, sound, and reactivity of a single keystroke until we are all completely satisfied
  • High quality look, feel, touch, sound, experience - always

We Fearlessly Push the Limits with Products that Inspire:

  • We created a new market with a blank keyboard
  • We added a magnetic ruler as a keyboard foot bar
  • We added an over-sized volume knob to our keyboards
  • We were the first company (that we know of) to add a 3.0 USB hub to our keyboards