6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Into the Ergonomic Keyboard Hype

In recent years, ergonomic keyboards have been all the rage. The general idea is that ergonomic keyboards are more comfortable to use, lessen muscle strain while typing, and possibly reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Yet, these claims are inflated. Before shelling out additional cash or more on an ergonomic keyboard, you should be aware of recent research suggesting [...]

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9 Ways the New Das Keyboard 5Q will Change your Life

The Das Keyboard 5Q is the first cloud-connected, open API  RGB mechanical keyboard. You can program specific keys on the keyboard to light up to help you with any of the following things: 1. Checking Emails 2. Monitoring the weather 3. Tracking packages 4. Knowing that your computer has finished backing up with Carbonite in case it spontaneously bursts into flames [...]

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Breaking New Ground With Das Keyboard 5Q

What does innovation mean at Das Keyboard? We don’t see innovation as “adding more”. On the contrary: the Das Keyboard 5Q has no more additional physical features than a traditional keyboard. We innovate in the way we use each feature, the way we interpret the meaning of a function and sometimes turn it upside down. To make it seamless, we [...]

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