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We understand that winning is everything, so every detail matters to us. The Das Keyboard Gaming Mouse Bungee features a sleek design, stability while gaming, and cord isolation...all which make the gaming experience more badass.

All games require mouse precision and any gamer who has the Das Keyboard Gaming Bungee will most certainly have the upper hand by reducing cord drag. This support gear will take your precision to the next level allowing you to execute commands with your mouse without tangled and unstable cords. You will now be able to destroy your enemy without ever having to worry about being betrayed by your mouse cords.

Drag-Free Cord Control

Gamers can increase gaming speed by eliminating the drag from the mouse cord. By placing the cord through the mouse bungee arm, gamers are free to move the mouse without getting caught up. The mouse bungee design and drag-free structure make it a perfect addition to any gamers setup, giving them a slight edge over the competition.

Bungee with shadow

Anti-Slip Feet

When swiping the mouse back and forth while gaming, the Das Keyboard Gaming Mouse Bungee stays in place. With anti-slip feet and weighted base for stability, you can game ferociously while knowing you're safe from unwanted movement.

Compact Space Saving Design

Not only is the Das Keyboard Gaming Mouse Bungee compact in design, but it also eliminates the risk of excess cord slowing you down. Its sharp design will save space and help create a neat gaming setup.

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Exceptional Feel

With the Das Keyboard Gaming Mouse Bungee, your mouse will transform from feeling like it's attached to the computer to feeling like it's a wireless gaming mouse without the lag. The Bungee is the perfect tool to bring your gaming experience to the next level, giving an exceptional feel while gaming.

Skeleton bungee

Technical Specifications

  • Drag-free cord control
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Heavy metal weight for stability
  • Flexible head grip for cord management
  • Compact space-saving design

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