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Das Keyboard Q message preview

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Q applets to maximize productivity

Everything from your GitHub repository status, to project management notifications from Asana or Trello to priority emails from your boss or your Mom. It will tell you if your website goes down or if an answer to your question is posted on Stack Overflow.

  • Weather USA

    Provides a four-day weather forecast for U.S. locations.

  • Stock Quote USA

    Continuously tracks stocks to see if it is up or down for the day.

  • CPU Usage

    Displays the percentage of CPU used in a bar graph.

  • RAM Usage

    Indicates the percentage of RAM used.

  • Gmail

    Notifies every time an email from a priority sender arrives.

  • Stand up reminder

    Sets hourly reminders to stand up.

  • Game Deals

    Notifies when a deal is available on selected games.

  • Twitch

    Notifies when your favorite streamer or channel on Twitch is live.

  • Weather International

    Provides a four-day weather forecast for global locations.

  • Firewall Guard

    Sends alerts when the firewall or server port availability changes.

  • Trello

    Notifies whenever actions are assigned or changes are made.

  • GitHub

    Automatically tracks issues, pull requests and repositories.

  • Travis

    Keeps an eye on the software build process and informs of build statuses.

  • Stack Overflow

    Watches for answers and comments to software development questions.

  • Server Fault

    Watches for answers and comments to network administration questions.

  • Workout reminder

    Gives a nudge every hour to work out and stay in shape!

  • Montastic

    Notifies whenever monitored websites are down.

  • Asana

    Notifies when tasks assignments and due dates change.

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