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Million Dollar Design

The technology that went into creating the Space Pen in the 1960s cost more than one million dollars and took countless hours of research, experimentation and testing in order to achieve this superior writing instrument. No detail was overlooked including its solid aluminum outer casing, inner brass fittings, precision steel socket and ultra-hard tungsten carbide ball. Engineered for comfort and precision, the pen is perfectly balanced in hand with a gratifying weighted feel. Today, that same technology is now available in a design customized by Das Keyboard.

Space Pen

Products Spec

  • Matte black finish
  • Writes underwater, upside down and at any angle
  • Lasts three times longer than a standard ballpoint
  • Replaceable pressurized ink cartridges
  • Length: 5.25″ when open, 3.75″ when closed
  • Tungsten carbide ball with a precision steel socket prevents leaking
  • Texturized aluminum outer casing
  • Inner brass fittings
  • Visco-elastic black ink
  • Performs in temperatures from -30ºF to +250ºF
  • Available with or without clip
  • Includes protective black display case
  • Lifetime warranty

Perfect in Your Pocket, Awesome in Your Hand

When closed, Space Pen is small and discreet in your pocket, then transforms into a full size pen that’s comfortable in hand. So conveniently sized, it’s the pen you’ll take with you everywhere you go.

Performs Everywhere

The Space Pen has no boundaries. This pen writes upside down, at any angle, underwater and even in extreme hot and cold environments. Even if the temperature in your car reaches 105 degrees or you’re writing up against a wall, it still works perfectly.

Space Pen in water

Get a Clip

Available in two distinct design styles, one has smooth, rounded curves for a more modern appeal. The second design has a more traditional feel and features a rounded tip, flat top and handy clip.

Space Pen double

Lifetime Warranty

Space Pen is so long-lasting and high-quality that we offer a lifetime guarantee. Although, with an estimated shelf life of 100 years, you probably won’t redeem it.

Space Pen in its box

Das Keyboard Space Pen