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High performance gaming mouse for pro gaming

Das Keyboard has a new gaming line for Pro Gamers. The Das Keyboard M50 is a pro gaming mouse with a sleek ambidextrous design, premium materials, metal components, and advanced features to increase performance. The M50 has 9-programmable buttons to perform commands at the click of a button and an onboard memory & microprocessor that stores up to 6 game profiles and individual settings. Execute maneuvers in an instant with the ultra responsive data transfer making the M50 dangerously fast with a superior design.

Winning is everything

Das Keyboard gaming FTW

We understand that winning is everything, so every detail matters to us. The M50 features a stunning look, a metal 4D tilt wheel, and ultra-quiet low-friction aluminum Teflon feet…all which make the gaming experience more badass.

The M50 is a solid, stable, and control-centric mouse. For gamers who enjoy full control over their game cursor, this piece of gear is perfect for precise control and timing-based games. Suitable for games such as SC2, CS:GO, DOTA2, LoL - With its versatility in DPI changes and hardware stability, the M50 is made to game at the highest precision.

Optimized for:

Icon of Counter Strike GO Icon of LoL Icon of SC2 Icon of dota 2

9 programmable buttons

Assign different commands for each of the 9 programmable macros buttons. For all your commonly used commands or for a specific setup when playing your favorite game, the M50 performs single game commands or intricate macros with a simple button click.

Mouse front view

6 game profiles

Different games require different profiles with different sets of commands. To ensure performance is always at its best, the M50 makes it easy to store your game profiles and take them with you on the go. 128 KB of internal memory allows 6 game profiles containing macros for your game characters and individual settings to be saved on the M50.

4G laser sensor

The Das Keyboard M50 Gaming Mouse is outfitted with the most advanced sensor yet, the 6400 DPI 4G laser sensor. It tracks so precisely, pro gamers will always hit their target exactly where they need to. With 4 LED light indicators, the 4G optical laser sensor has adjustable DPI settings of 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400 DPI.

Superior comfort

The Das Keyboard M50 performance gaming mouse ergonomics is ambidextrous making it a perfect fit for all grip types. The comfortable shape, non-slip coating, dry-grip sides and maximum glide metal Teflon mouse feet allow for optimum gaming performance. Comfort is critical when executing complex maneuvers during extended gaming sessions.

Mouse with mouse background

Ultra responsive

The M50 is ultra responsive with every action performed. Data transferred from the mouse and computer happen in an instant. With responsiveness up to 1,000 reports per second [1,000 Hz polling rate], the actions performed are always registered at super speed. The M50 works dangerously fast when you need to hit a target.

Rapid-precise click executions are necessary for MOBA games such as League of Legends and DOTA2. The M50 is built to manage 300 clicks per minute, granting you the ability to achieve total victory.

Advanced materials with metal components

The M50 features hydrophobic coating of palm area, dry-grip sides and fingerprint resistant coating of primary buttons. The hydrophobic coating helps prevent sticking and offers superior comfort while gaming. The dry-grip sides allow for maximum grip capability for those intense gaming moments. The advanced surface materials and metal components on the M50 are to provide the most satisfying gaming experience and design.

Skeleton Mouse
  1. Left click - 20 million clicks
  2. 6400 DPI LED indicators
  3. Right click - Up to 300 CPM
  4. Right side programmable button 1
  5. Right side programmable button 2
  6. Left side programmable button 1
  7. Left side programmable button 2
  8. DPI adjustment button
  9. Left Right Up Down 4D tilt scroll wheel

Other features

Wheel icons

Metal 4D tilt wheel scrolling

Tilt the scroll wheel from side to side and up and down to easily maneuver in the middle of intense gaming sessions. The innovative tilt wheel hardware component allows for a whole new dimension in movement. You will be able to quickly perform actions by pressing the scroll wheel in the direction of your choice.

Rocket icons

Extra durable, extra fast

Game at super speed, the M50 primary buttons support up to 300 clicks per minute. Not only will the primary buttons dominate any of your opponents, but they will also outlast them. The M50 features a 20-million click life cycle for the left & right primary buttons.

Sun icons

Red backlighting

The M50 red backlighting will take your gaming experience to the next level. With red LEDs on the scroll wheel, mouse body, bottom plate, and DPI indicators, the lighting will help with eye dilation and vision improvements when gaming in the dark. Not to mention, they don't cause strain on your eyes. Just makes it easier to destroy your enemy both day and night. The M50 red LEDs are on when the mouse is active and in breathing mode when it is in hibernation.

Cable icons

Extra long braided cable

The M50 sports a 2.1-meter (7ft) braided cable that goes through desk grommets to keep your gaming space clean, so you can focus on eliminating your opponent. It is equipped with one USB cable that can easily be plugged into your computer or keyboard.

Technical specifications

  • 9 programmable macro buttons
  • Adjustable 6400 DPI 4G laser sensor
  • Save up to 6 profiles
  • Metal 4D tilt wheel scrolling capability
  • Adjustable DPI with 4-LED lights indicator
  • USB port and internet connection for driver installation
  • Ambidextrous ergonomics for all grip types
  • 20-million primary buttons click life cycle
  • 2.1m/6.9ft USB braided cable with gold plated USB connector
  • Responsiveness: USB data-8 bits; 1,000 Hz
  • 300 clicks per minute
  • Internet connection for driver installation
  • Dimensions: length 2.75, width 5.11, height 1.37 inches
  • Weight: .38 lbs
  • Ultra-quiet low-friction metal Teflon feet
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and newer Windows operating systems
  • Compatible with USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0
  • Red LED- scroll wheel, mouse body, and bottom plate

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