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  • WASD Key Cap Set

    Starting at $15
    Game even faster and destroy your opponents before they realize they have engaged a badass gamer who owns a Das Keyboard Ultimate equipped with the blank, inverted-T, WASD key set. Also includes a red key cap to replace the Escape key and a key puller for easy extraction. FTW.
  • Linux Key Caps

    Starting at $9
    Personalize your Das Keyboard by replacing the Windows keys with the Linux penguin. Set includes key caps to fit the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate and Professional models plus a key puller.
  • Das Keyboard Bungee

    Starting at $19
    The Das Keyboard Gaming Mouse Bungee features a sleek design, stability while gaming, and cord isolation
  • Das Keyboard Mouse Pads

    Starting at $19
    We offer three styles with different superior materials and thickness to push your gaming experience to the max.
  • Das Keyboard Top Panels

    Starting at $19.99
    Customize your Das Keyboard X40 with five edgy designs to express your domination style. Easily interchangeable.