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Notifies when tasks assignments and due dates change.

About the Asana Q Applet

The Asana applet lets you and your colleagues track the outstanding tasks on projects, when an update is made, or when a message is sent.

About Asana

Asana is an excellent tool for managing projects, tasks, and workflows with its flexibility and vast capabilities. Teams can easily add tasks, conversations, projects, teams, or invite teammates all in one place. Asana empowers groups to plan, organize and track the work of every partner's assignments. The numerous workspaces give teams a spot to organize tasks, projects, and multiple teams without the requirement for and from email strings. It also notifies when task assignments and due dates change.

Asana Features

Asana has several features that make the collaboration process easier, and teams can quickly and efficiently manage all kinds of tasks.

  • Numerous project views: It allows users to view and manage tasks differently by choosing between calendars, lists, Kanban boards, and timelines.
  • Automation: Automatically assign work to another team member or set due dates and eliminate tons of manual work.
  • Team collaboration: Team members set priorities, assign tasks, share files in multiple formats, and stay up to date with the progress or new changes.
  • Integrations: It supports 100+ third-party integrations like Google Drive, Zoom, Salesforce, DropBox, and many others.

Asana Takeaway

Asana is an excellent choice for businesses with huge projects and team members and for those who’re looking for a fast, flexible, and feature-rich collaboration tool. The applet allows teams using asana to focus on their work, while also notice upcoming deadlines, notifications and messages shared in their project management software.

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