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Notifies when projects are updated.

With the Das Keyboard Basecamp applet, Basecamp can change the key colors of a Das Keyboard whenever a project is updated. Basecamp is notorious for being the company that invented Ruby on Rails back in 2003, making it the first application running Rails. Basecamp is a web-based solution that combines multiple tools into a single package. It provides a collaboration platform while keeping the tradition of a simple project management tool. It also helps remote teams work together while keeping an overview of all tasks, schedules, message boards, check-ins (conversations with the team) and files. For example, every time someone posts a chat in Campfire, adds a message to the board, or check-marks a To-do, the B key will blink in red. Pressing the Q button on my keyboard will show me more information about the notification. This way, I can stay focused on my work on my PC knowing that my keyboard will tell me when I have an important notification.

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What is the Q software?

It makes your keyboard smart by changing the key colors based on information from the internet.

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