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CPU Usage Icon

CPU Usage

Displays the percentage of CPU used in a bar graph.

About the CPU Usage Q Applet

The CPU, also known as a computer’s Central Processing Unit, is the equivalent of the heart of a computer. The CPU performs calculations, actions, and runs programs. It is vital to the performance of a computer, so if too much of your CPU is being used, it can cause programs and processes to run slower. 

By monitoring a computer’s CPU usage, one can see how much of the CPU is being used by the programs that are being run and the processes that are being handled at any given time. For instance, if a large program is opened and the CPU usage jumps up to 90%, it would be wise to close any unused programs because high use of CPU generates excessive heat and increases the CPU temperature.

CPU Usage Q Applet Takeaway

This applet is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to monitor CPU usage in order to manage their CPU usage more efficiently. Those that run antivirus software, heavy software and applications (i.e., video editing, streaming, Microsoft and Adobe products) that require intense processing power will see the largest benefit from this applet.

CPU Usage Illustration

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