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Notifies every time an email from a priority sender arrives.

About the Gmail Q Applet

The Gmail Q Applet will display a notification on the key every time an email from a sender that contains a Gmail “Important Flag” is received. 

About Gmail

Gmail is Google's free email service that lets users send and receive emails, create an address book, block spam, and perform other basic email tasks by leveraging their Google accounts. One of the most popular email services, Gmail keeps track of all your emails with threaded conversations, tags, signals to automatically mark your emails as important or not important,  and Google-powered search to find any message you need. Gmail provides 15GB of free storage and the continuous improvements to the platform such as text suggestions make it a great place to manage your email messages.

Gmail Features:

Gmail has dozens of excellent features, here are a number of the most valuable.

  • Spam filtering: It automatically detects junk or spam mail and pushes it to a separate spam folder.
  • Conversation view: Lets users keep the inbox more organized by grouping similar conversations and emails.
  • Build-in chat: Allows users to make instant conversation by leveraging voice and video chat.
  • Simple interface: Gmail allows users to set it up on both desktop and mobile quickly with a simple layout. It offers three categories - primary, social, and promotions to keep emails organized and make the navigation process more accessible.

Gmail & Q Applet Takeaway

The Gmail Q Applet is a great option for those who are looking to separate themselves from living in their inbox. It provides a way to focus on the work at hand by muting on-screen notifications for uninterrupted work sessions.

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What is the Q software?

It makes your keyboard smart by changing the key colors based on information from the internet.

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