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Notifies whenever monitored websites are down.

About the Montastic Q Applet

For webmasters, developers, IT professionals, and other digital professionals your website or digital product’s uptime is critical. With the Montastic Q Applet integrating the free website monitoring service with the Q Keyboard provides a streamlined and simplistic way to checking website performance directly on the keyboard by designating a key to display red if a site or page is down, and green when there are no issues.

About Montastic

Montastic is a free website monitoring service that sends notifications whenever a monitored website is down. With its helpful features, Monstastic allows users to take full control over the performance of websites and send out notifications to keep people informed during incidents.

Montastic Features:

  • Design: It lets users add custom logos and colors to make the interface a branded status page experience.
  • Status updates: It informs people or subscribers by automatically sending out real-time notification emails about the incidents.
  • Unlimited tracking: Montastic allows users to add as many websites and urls as they would like to track, giving full coverage on all sections of a site or software. 

Montastic Takeaway

Montastic is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a free, simple yet powerful website monitoring tool to optimize performance and minimize downtime. Integrating this service with a Q keyboard allows for a quick check of a site’s uptime to be completed simply by looking down at the keys, without having to stop what you are doing or open a browser window.

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