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Philips Hue

Mirror Philips Hue color on your keyboard.

About the Philips Hue Q Applet

The Philips Hue Q Applet displays a notification if the hue lights are on or off in a room. If the lights were left on in the basement or in the garage, the assigned key will light up and the notification will appear in the Q dashboard with the text that was set for the alert (i.e. Kitchen lights are on!)

About Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a color-changing LED light bulb system that can be controlled wirelessly, taking mood lighting to a new level. Whether you’re looking for a soft glow for a romantic dinner or a splash of color as the ultimate party decor, Hue smart LED bulbs let you easily set the tone for any occasion. 


Philips Hue lighting is popular among programmers and technology enthusiasts, as it provides another level of customization through technology. For those that already own Philips Hue products, this applet gives another way to quickly and easily check which lights are on in your home or office.

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What is the Q software?

It makes your keyboard smart by changing the key colors based on information from the internet.

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