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Server Fault

Watches for answers and comments to network administration questions.

About the Server Fault Q Applet

This applet displays notifications when there are unread inbox items on Server Fault by cursing a Das Keyboard Q key to blink in blue.

About Server Fault

Server Fault, a Stack Exchange site, is a community for information technology and network administration professionals. This community can be an excellent resource for IT professionals to ask questions and get answers to help manage their technology infrastructures. 

Server Fault Features

Server Fault makes it easy to get answers and post questions about networking, server, or infrastructure administration.

  • Questions: Post detailed questions and get practical answers
  • Tagging: Up to 5 tags per question to browse relevant topics and interesting questions
  • Rewards & Clout: Unlock new privileges by earning reputation points when people vote up your answers, questions, and edits. Earn bronze, silver, and gold badges for notable achievements.

Server Fault Takeaway

Server Fault is an excellent community for system and network administrators who are looking for a new resource or to share their knowledge with others. The Server Fault Q Applet is perfect for active members of the community, as they can post a question or response in the forum, and then be alerted by the blinking blue light on their Q Series Das Keyboard if there is a response from someone in the community.

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What is the Q software?

It makes your keyboard smart by changing the key colors based on information from the internet.

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