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Travis CI

Keeps an eye on the software build process and informs of build statuses.

About the Travis CI Q Applet

The Travis CI Q Applet was created to integrate a project’s build status into any Q series keyboard. By designating a key to the Travis CI Q Applet, one can simply look down at their keyboard to see if their build status has been completed, and if so if it has passed or failed. 

About Travis CI

Travis CI is a free and popular CI tool (continuous integration, or CI, involves the integration of code from multiple contributors into a single project), which allows teams to quickly test and deploy software with confidence. Additionally, teams can keep an eye on the software build process and get informed of build statuses. Open source projects may be tested at no charge via 

Travis CI Features

TravisCI, with several great features, automates development processes and provides immediate feedback for any changes that let the team accelerate their project building process.

  • Quick Setup: With just 3 clicks, teams can set up TravisCI to test and deploy projects.
  • Language support: Supports over 30 different languages like Node, PHP, JAVA, Ruby, and many more.
  • Integrations: Supports numerous integrations like GitHub, Bitbucket, and many more for macOS, Linux, and Windows.
  • Automation: Auto deploys projects or applications when passing builds.

Travis CI Takeaway

With robust features set and well-documented functionality, TravisCI is a great open-source tool for small businesses and large enterprises to build and deploy great software. Some build statuses can take some time before completing, which is why the Travis CI Applet is perfect for programmers who would rather focus on a different project or task while they wait, and still be able to easily and casually check on the status of their build by just looking at their keyboard to see its eventual pass/fail status.

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What is the Q software?

It makes your keyboard smart by changing the key colors based on information from the internet.

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