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Notifies whenever actions are assigned or changes are made.

About the Trello Q Applet

The Trello Q Applet allows project managers and team members to centralize their alerts on their Q series keyboard so that they can focus on their specific tasks. Notifications for upcoming actions will display on the desired key so that you don’t have to monitor your email or Trello board, and can just look down at your keyboard when you’re ready to check on the project’s status. 

About Trello

Trello is an intuitive and visually appealing collaboration and project management tool that helps users organize projects and track and prioritize progress. It is popular for its flexible and customizable Kanban boards, intuitive interface, and various mobile apps across every platform.

Trello Features

  • Board and cards-system: With boards assigned for each project and cards for each task, all assignments can be viewed in order and tracked with performance reports.
  • Flexibility & Customization: Users can use the Drag-and-drop editor to fully customize lists, cards, and other metrics of interest.
  • Collaboration: Teams can participate in meetings, have real-time conversations, send notes and files, or share individual tasks and assignments.
  • Integrations: Users can connect Trello’s functionality with many other third-party software, plugins, and extensions.

Trello Takeaway

Trello is a leader in the project management tool market, with an intuitive design that lets users customize the look and feel for their specific use case. It allows teams to collaborate, communicate and coordinate on any kind of project. The Q Applet provides the perfect solution for Trello users, by highlighting alerts with different lights on a Q Series keyboard, so that they can be checked when a break is needed or if a task is completed.

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What is the Q software?

It makes your keyboard smart by changing the key colors based on information from the internet.

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