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Notifies when your favorite streamer or channel on Twitch is live.

About the Twitch Q Applet

The Twitch Q Applet triggers a notification on the assigned key when a streamer or channel starts a live stream. 

About Twitch

Twitch is perhaps the most popular live streaming platform, where individuals and gamers with different interests meet up to view streams, share, chat, and make content. Twitch has tens of millions of viewers with nearly ten million content creators using the platform to share and broadcast their content. There’s a vast range of quality content available, making it an entertaining alternative to many traditional streaming services.

Popular Twitch Features:

  • Chat: Viewers and other streamers can chat in real-time with other chat room members and the streamer. 
  • Bits: Bits can be purchased to be used to cheer for your favorite streamer, gain access to special emotes, redeem for actions such as drinking water, stream notifications, and more.
  • Friends: Twitch allows you to build friendships with other community members who share the same interests. 
  • Powerful streaming features: Twitch gives streamers some of the most powerful and interesting tools to engage their community as well as monetize their content. Dozens of tools and features from custom emotes to integrated Amazon shopping lists make it the most popular destination for content creators. 

With enough flexibility and a huge community, Twitch is a brilliant choice for gamers, professionals, and content creators to create, stream live, and share video game feeds. It is more than a video streaming service and caters to the haRDcore and casual users alike.

Twitch Takeaway

For those who watch Twitch casually or even on a regular basis, the Twitch Q Applet will help make notifications unobtrusive and yet give you the opportunity to watch top streamers as soon as they come online.

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What is the Q software?

It makes your keyboard smart by changing the key colors based on information from the internet.

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