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Displays board updates and tracks progress issues

About the ZenHub Q Applet

The ZenHub Q Applet applet pushes Agile project tracking alerts to the Q keyboard. When a new issue is assigned or added to a board, such as the Backlog, an alert will display on your keyboard. 

About ZenHub

Zenhub lets users customize workflows and move issues or tasks through pipelines on a Kanban board. It also offers time tracking and detailed reporting, along with identifying and eliminating bottlenecks and problems. ZenHub is one of the only independent project management tools that is natively integrated with GitHub. With ZenHub, there is no longer a need to manually update a task. 

ZenHub Features

ZenHub has several features that make it one of the best agile project management platforms, as it acts as a central hub for development teams. Here are ZenHub’s main features:

  • Workspaces: Lets users define and build their own workflow spaces without affecting other team members.
  • Versions: It allows users to install the web extension or use the ZenHub web app to pull issues and data from GitHub directly.
  • Kanban board: It helps users keep workspaces clear and prioritize tasks, assign projects, and complete transparency in the development process.
  • Reporting: Advanced integration with GitHub allows users to get accurate and actionable insights of workflow in real-time to see what’s happening on the project.

ZenHub Takeaway

With GitHub as its foundation, ZenHub is perfect for software-driven companies, large enterprises, and especially those who depend entirely on GitHub for Agile project management. The ZenHub Q Applet allows programmers and team members to focus on the issue they are working on, and once completed easily pull up the next issue in the Backlog.

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