Das Keyboard Special Offer in Honor of Our Reddit Fans

We are big fans of Reddit. We have recently noticed several discussions on Reddit about the Das Keyboard and are excited by all the positive comments and reviews. In order to say thank you to our Reddit fans, we’ve created a special Das Keyboard a special offer for everyone to enjoy. With each purchase of a keyboard from the Das Keyboard store, we’ll send a Das Keyboard goodie bag containing a t-shirt, stickers, magnets, pens and notepads, and a WASD kit for free.

When you purchase a keyboard and add a t-shirt to your shopping cart, we will make the t-shirt free and add a goodie bag to your order. Use coupon code: reddit11 at checkout. The offer ends on September 7, 2011. Offer limited to the US. This offer cannot be combined with the educational discount. Please note: We will be shipping the WASD Kits and Goodie bags separately from the keyboards.

Reddit Offer Rules

Purchase a Das Keyboard now and get this limited time offer.

Reddit Goodie Bag


  • Purtle

    Of course this would happen after I get my das keyboard


  • Karusune

    Awesome idea. It’s a shame I purchased mine last month, would have loved to have gotten in on the stickers.

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    Follow us on Twitter. We’ve been doing contests for free Das Keyboard swag and will probably have more in the future!

  • Rehio

    Got a Das Keyboard a month ago. And now is when you folks decide to give out free stuff.

    I really appreciate what you’re doing though, Das. You seem like awesome folks and I’m glad you’re getting a lot of recognition. Keep making great keyboards. <3

  • http://headsetchatter.com KP

    (shakes tiny fist) Damn you, Das Keyboard! I’m a sucker for geeky shirts and stickers!

    And I used to have a Das and have been missing the feel of it. You got me. Buy your marketing folks a beer.

  • probl3ms

    Right after I buy my Daskeyboard….

  • steve

    I tried to purchase the professional silent with the coupon code listed, and it gave me an error saying it was not a valid code. I’m a US resident.

  • Xyrec

    Damn it! I’m outta money =(

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    Did you add the t-shirt to the cart? That could cause this problem.

  • steve

    And that’s why my parents told me I never follow directions… Thanks April

  • Eddy

    Like the commenters above, this also happened immediately after buying my keyboard – is there any way I can still get the colored key caps? They’re so cool!

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    You can purchase them in the store…
    Otherwise, I’d suggest following us on Twitter and/or Facebook as we have been running contests for free goodies and will be doing other promotions in the future.

  • Madwac

    Only in US :( Canadians never get love….

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    We love our Canadian customers! However, we are not set up to ship to Canada.

  • Josuff

    I also tried to order the ultimate silent with “reddit11″ and got errors each time when trying to apply the promotion.

  • KefkaticFanatic

    fuuu, I just purchased mine a few days ago -.-

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    Did you add the t-shirt to the shopping cart as described in the instructions?

  • https://tabo.pe/ tabo

    Do you sell OS X key caps?

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    We are working on it.

  • schwag

    Hey April, if I were to say, take a picture of my Das proving my purchase with a /r/starcraft disclaimer, could you send over some swag?

  • Namaztak

    Is this deal valid with the student discount?

  • Cheeze

    I just bought mine too. what the freaak.

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    No, you have choose discount or Reddit offer.

  • dan wright

    Dam, too bad i got mine 2 monthes ago, i love reppin my equipment with stickers on my laptop. DAM!

  • DrFmeat

    Hey, is this special available if I get a Das through newegg ? ….. They have a screamin sale right now …

  • Justin Kim

    Yea I’m also a big redditer and I already bought my DAS keyboard…
    I really want that shirt and those stickers too.

  • Chubbaluphigous

    Reddit has come to know and love Das because of Destiny. I would love it to see you guys sponsor Destiny.

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    You have to buy the keyboard through the Das Keyboard store.

  • rehabthis

    OMG, I just bought mine. I almost waited to see if something like this would happen. That sucks so bad. I want that t-shirt! :(

  • Ayjay

    Can’t ship to Australia? In this day and age?? Fail.

  • http://google.com hooher tod

    Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply

  • Iku

    Don’t suppose you could do this for Canadians as well? Even if we pay the extra shipping?

  • Uber_Nick

    Code didn’t work.


  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    Our store is not equipped to ship to Canada.

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    Did you add the t-shirt to the cart first?

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    We have retailers who handle European, Canadian, and Australian sales. This is pretty common for companies as the shipping from here to Australia would cost both you and us an arm and a leg and would not be worth it.

  • http://bcarr.me bcarr

    The code isn’t working for me, either.

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    Did you add the t-shirt to your shopping cart?

  • http://bcarr.me bcarr

    D’oh. Didn’t see that detail.

    Done and ordered, but didn’t see the goodie bag in the invoice. I assume it’ll be added when it’s shipped. :)

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    Yes, the t-shirt is the indicator that we need to include the goodie bag and WASD kit. No worries. :)

  • Gaurav

    Great offer, but Das you gotta expand your business worldwide.
    This is coming from probably one of the few Indians to own a Das…cost $300 but so worth it!

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    We have retailers who sell our keyboards world-wide. We just don’t ship worldwide from our Das Keyboard store.

  • Gaurav

    I had to import mine from Germany, can you tell which retailers ship to India? And their policies (customs, etc)?

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    I checked but couldn’t find any retailers that mentioned shipping to India. Best suggestion I could give you is to check with Get Digital to see if they deliver to India since they ship almost everywhere else:

  • heretics

    I ordered my boyfriend the Model S Ultimate Keyboard and used the Reddit code on the last day of the sale last week, which I was super excited about, because he had been wanting want for a while, and it was his birthday. The keyboard came in yesterday without any of the extras it was supposed to. It was just a keyboard shaped box, with the keyboard only, and the packing list even included the shirt which I had to add to the shopping cart for the order. Did anyone else have the same issue? I am pretty disappointed right now.

  • http://www.daskeyboard.com April

    If you look at the packing list, it notes that the goodies will be shipped separately from the keyboard. We are working hard to get them out and they are coming.

  • dz

    It seems this promotion has ended. I am le sad.. I suppose I will wait until I see another promotion or sale.