The Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate teaches typing at Harlem Middle School

Ken is a Business & Computer Science teacher at Harlem Middle school, and enjoys teaching his students keyboarding, productivity applications, introductory coding, and computer science theory. With typing being the key to computing, Ken was looking for a more effective way to help his students learn touch-typing. These keyboards would be used throughout the whole school day, so he needed [...]

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How to Find the Right Mechanical Keyboard

Yes, mechanical keyboards are badass, but which one is right for you? Let’s face it: mechanical keyboards are awesome. Whether you’re typing in the office or gaming with your friends, there’s something satisfying about the old school click-clack of a mechanical keyboard. They’re practical, durable and cause fewer typos. Older PC users might find that the sensation of using a [...]

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Valentine’s Day is Almost Here! Click, Clack…Oh.

Surprise Your Valentine with a Keyboard Instead of Chocolates. Looking for a badass gift for your valentine? Look no further, for a limited time, buy one Das Keyboard 4C Professional and get another one for 50% off. Your valentine will be in click clack heaven. Das Keyboard 4C Professional is one of a kind. Not only is the click clack [...]

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