Technology is Transforming the Culture of Work

Technology is changing the culture of work and giving control back to the people. It helps us to be more creative and less subordinate to social, political and corporate hierarchies. Creative, innovative people are no longer satisfied with the prospect of becoming anonymous cogs in a larger corporate machine. Leveraging advanced technology to support humanity in the workplace is a [...]

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Das Keyboard 5Q Kickstarter Has Started Shipping

Finally! The cloud-connected Das Keyboard 5Q has begun shipping to our Kickstarter backers. Once the Das Keyboard 5Q is received, users *must install the mandatory firmware update* and Q software. Start here: https://www.daskeyboard.com/technology/q-software/ To get started using Das Keyboard 5Q, watch these videos: https://daskeyboard.github.io/getting-started/ We are delivering US layouts first. International layouts (105-key, EU, DE, etc.) will be sent afterwards. [...]

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