Launching Das Keyboard Q Marketplace for Applets

We are excited to launch the Das Keyboard Q Marketplace for applets today. The Q Marketplace is a place for users to download applets such as stock tickers, weather forecast and CPU activity. Applets can change the color of the keys based thus keeping the users informed of some key information they want to track. For example, if a stock [...]

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Das Keyboard 4Q – Smart RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Das Keyboard 4Q – Smart Version of the Iconic Industry Standard with Cherry MX We just launched the first ever smart RGB mechanical keyboards in the world, that were requested by some of our ardent customers. Now, some of our most loyal customers have called on us to make a smart RGB version of the keyboard that they love most [...]

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Technology is Transforming the Culture of Work

Technology is changing the culture of work and giving control back to the people. It helps us to be more creative and less subordinate to social, political and corporate hierarchies. Creative, innovative people are no longer satisfied with the prospect of becoming anonymous cogs in a larger corporate machine. Leveraging advanced technology to support humanity in the workplace is a [...]

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