1. When is red switch coming to this new design?

  2. When will I be able to get this in Canada? I wanted this thing as soon as I saw it.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you did not receive the customer service expected. We strive to offer great customer service and work hard to ensure our customers receive the service they deserve. I take customer feedback very seriously and we are working on a solution to ensure processes are corrected immediately.

    I look forward to receiving your response to the support ticket I sent this morning. We value your feedback and will use this information to make improvements in the future.

    Daniel Guermeur
    Metadot / Das Keyboard CEO

  4. I have no idea what NKRO means, let alone an NKRO on/off switch, but I also experience blue screens. 3 times in the 2 days that I have this keyboard. Big, big shame. Types excellent, but major flaw as you loose all your work. It happens to me in Microsoft Word 2003. I don’t know yet if if happens in other apps as well.
    I work with Windows 7 and have keyboard connected straight into Toshiba laptop.

    Here below I see some sales talk. Better you come with a straighforward solution and post it here as I am 100% that more people are experiencing this!

    Actually, if you would use the keyboards yourself, you would also experience this…

  5. I also experienced BSOD, Blue Screen, upon plugging in DasKeyboard. Has to remove keyboard and revert to previous saved Win10 to get rebooted. Now computer randomly just turns off, I am guessing it fried my ASUS Z170L motherboard and have ordered a new one to try and fix it. So aggravating.

  6. To be honest the third keyboard and now after 6 months it has failed yet again. Fails to register on usb fails to connect. das crap. All i get is the 3 blue lights continually flashing or constantly on……

  7. So i type a comment about how bad this keyboard is, and you remove it. I am left with a piece of junk that does nor communicate via usb. and the only think i get is constant flashing three blue lights. What are you going to do.

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