BBC on Das Keyboard: fat finegrs

A simple typing error has triggered mayhem on the Tokyo stock exchange and cost one bank £190m. But in a world where almost everyone now is expected to type, how many of us really can? BBC article Das Keyboard – the blank keyboard


By popular demand we released our 1-hour telephone training. It’s quick, easy and cost effective. The nice part is that we can do the training on the customer portal, thus not only we train our users, but we also do some real work.   Learn more on our Training page.

2006 Resolutions

Finally we succumbed to the blog virus. Blog is mode? Certainly. But we also see that as a great way to keep our user base in touch with us. So, for our first blog article I am going to publish the company resolutions along with mine. Publishing them online put some pressure on us to make them happen. Once we [...]

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